Wish List :

Top O’ the List:

A Good Photocopier:

Our current photocopier has seen better days.  About 15 years worth of days.  It now prints every page with stripes that look like a bar code down the middle of each page.  Help!


Are you handy? Have an hour or two?  We ALWAYS have special projects (large and small) that need special attention.

Technology and Other Equipment

Special thanks to Dan and Alice Dwyer for 2! Swingline Optima Electric Pencil Sharpeners!

  • Working desktops or laptops
  • Flat screen monitors
  • Updated computer software and educational games
  • Clear, plastic bins with lids.  (Medium or Large) (6)

School and Art Supplies

Scissors, glue, pencils, TAPE

Construction paper, drawing paper, cardstock

Jewels, jiggly eyes, felt squares, beads, pipe cleaners

You name it!

Snacks (Please give us a call first, if items are perishable.)

Apples, Oranges, Cuties, Grapes, Carrots, etc.

Lunch meat, Cheese (sliced, string or brick)





Trail mix

Cheese crackers



Small, fun or cool items from the “Clearance” aisles at discount stores

Candy (small wrapped pieces like Starbursts, Lifesavers, Tootsie Rolls)

Extra Special Student Incentives:

$10 gift cards (e.g. Subway, Gold Star, Frisch’s, McDonald’s, Chipotle)

Passes to movies or popular skating rinks.


We’re happy to receive board games–with most of the pieces.


We appreciate 25-200 piece picture puzzles–with all of the pieces 😉