Homework Help

Students receive direct homework assistance from staff and volunteers during daily Study Tables  (40 minute rotations of quiet academic work).   Many of our students’ parents are not able to provide the help their children need due to late work shifts, overwhelming family demands, and/or academic skills that have grown rusty.

When students do not have homework, WPYC provides them with other materials that are aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards.

One-to-One Tutoring at WPYC

A spoonful of laughter helps the answers go down.

Our whole community makes personal tutoring possible. Federal Work Study college students, high school students, neighbors and friends share their time, skills–and most of all patience–to help individuals learn what they may have missed in the classroom.  St. Xavier High School, Sycamore High School, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University and Cincinnati State are among our biggest supporters!

Educational Group Games

From Anguish Language to Math Facts Tournaments to basic Math Bingo, innovative games as well as old favorites help keep our students engaged. Who knew learning could be so fun?

Mini Goal Tracker Program:

A new initiative established by WPYC staff will help students see that they can be successful by setting small, attainable goals. These bite-sized goals, or mini goals, are reflected on each child’s goal sheet.  The mini goals may pertain to academic or personal development needs.  Examples of personal mini goals include, learning to count by 2’s; learning sequencing skills in order to retell a story; or remembering to ask permission before touching or taking an item that belongs to someone else.  The goals seem tiny but are easily measurable. Mini goals allow students to regularly experience a sense of success, which serves to motivate them to set and reach the next round of mini goals.

Beyond the Books

More than book knowledge, our academic program also enhances each student’s

            • Motivation to achieve
            • Interest in reading for pleasure
            • School engagement
            • Habit of completing assignments

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